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Visible Mending

Collected Item: “Elysha Schuhbauer”


Elysha Schuhbauer


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Hand mending


I just want to see beloved things last and be cherished. I do my best to mend in a way that will be durable. I especially love natural fibres (over synthetic) but am open to all sorts of jobs. I make darning looms out of discarded materials


Hi, I'm Elysha (eee-lee-sha, for pronounciation, they/them/her for pronouns). Elysha Schuhbauer, for the digital fingerprint.

I create functional art with thread, fabric, wood and found objects. I am so happy to have found a niche that works for me here in the maker world: use what we have! the world has so much already, why buy new, why the obsession with single-use? The creative potential from working with (mostly) reclaimed, repurposed, upcycled and salvaged materials is endless and empowering. To me, it sits perfectly alongside building a world where resources, people and planet are treated with respect and dignity. Nothing is disposable!

My partner Scott and I designed and make this cool little product called the Swift Darning Loom, it's made from reclaimed hardwood and bike spokes, it makes darning and weaving a little easier, it's beautiful, it's a future heirloom for your family to find and wonder at, it's our only child, and it's for sale! Ah, the millennial life. We love it. And you.


I fix and break and create and explore. Nature, food, wood, textiles, ideas. Trying my best to do no harm, challenge hierarchies and respect the planet that nourishes us all.

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City, region and/ or country

Kichener, Ontario, Canada
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