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Visible Mending

Collected Item: “Revival Works”


Revival Works


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Type of work

Hand mending


Revival Works allows you to engage with slow fashion and to "love your clothes longer". I use visible mending techniques to repair the clothes you love. We often throw perfectly good garments away because they have holes, tears, rips, or permanent marks on them. More often than not they can be easily reinforced and repaired, or marks disguised. This applies to both woollen and woven fabrics.

City, region and/ or country

Auckland, New Zealand


Revival Works will mend your garments using patching, darning and/or visible mending techniques. You post or drop your item off to me so that I can assess it, chat through some ideas with you and provide you with an estimate. Your own one-of-a-kind repaired item will be returned to you ready to see the sunshine again. Mending is done
either by hand, specialist machine or a combination of both.


My aim with Revival Works is to stop clothing from going to landfill as quickly as it does and for us all to appreciate and love our clothing more....To appreciate the way the fibres were grown or made, the process of manufacturing, dyeing and printing the fabric, and the people including their conditions of work that sewed the fabric together.

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