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Collected Item: “Planisphère A Dieppe par Nicolas Desliens, 1566”


Planisphère A Dieppe par Nicolas Desliens, 1566

Alternative title

World Map, 1566

Genre of image



Vellum/ parchment


Nicolas Desliens


Early Modern



Region and/or country (additional to map location)

Dieppe, France

Brief description/ overview

Portolan world map synthesizing Norman hydrographic knowledge in the mid-16th century. It is "South up:" a visual that mends modern northern hemisphere bias.


More detail about the image

This is one of two world maps by Desliens known to exist; the other dates from 1541. La Nouvelle France occidentalle (Western New France) is written in large letters over an arc-shaped newly "discovered" North America, reflecting political bias of the time. Territories claimed by France are indicated by flags with fleurs-de-lis, in Canada (Labrador), Florida (on the May River), and Brazil (on the Rio de la Plata). Desliens is known only from his work and inscriptions on his maps indicating that he worked in Dieppe (hence the map locator) and Arques; no biographical information about him survives. (Information from Library of Congress)

Source of image

Bibliothèque nationale de France, GED-7895 (RES)

Identifier (accession number, Digital Object Identifier DOI, etc)



Previous owner Viel-Castel

Image rights

Public Domain
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