Anja Lampert


Anja Lampert
Hand mending
I run mending workshops and do a lot of hand mending myself; occasionally mending commissions.
My mending practice focuses on hand mending and incorporates elements of hand sewing, embroidery, textile art, sashiko and other techniques. My textile & fiber art practice influences my way of mending and caring for clothes a lot. I work a lot with antique and vintage textile materials, hand dyed fabrics and threads and generally love textile pieces that tell their stories through ways of damages, stains, and signs of use. Usually I try to keep the damages aka stories visible or even highlight them with my mending. Texture, touch and haptic qualities always play an important part in deciding what kind of mending would fit a certain piece. My favourite materials to work with are natural fibers.
I am a textile and fiber artist. My work includes hand sewing, embroidery, quilting, mending, working with plant dyes and different foraged fibers.

I love passing on my knowledge and sharing time and practices with other people. My workshops are interactive and always include whatever knowledge all the participants bring to the table. Inspiring each other's work, sharing ideas, learning in community and having good conversations is what I aim for im my workshops.

I'm a psychologist, trainer and coach by training and have always had a close relationship with textiles. My mum taught me how to mend, knit, sew, crochet, embroider; both my grandmothers were tailors.

Working with textiles and honouring the labour and ressources that went into making them by mending, re-using, repairing is very close to my heart and I love passing on my knowledge about this.
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Wien, Austria, Europe
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