Emei Ma @mending.my.life


Emei Ma @mending.my.life
Hand mending
Artist/Maker/Mender. Excited to explore mending with others. Creator of Lego Emei.
I am a self-taught mender. I mend mostly for family and friends, simple everyday functional mending. I also do more elaborate mending projects which serve as a creative outlet. This includes my Lego Emei comic strip.

Lastly, I enjoy promoting mending. To that end, I volunteer at local mending cafes, offer tips and support to fellow menders on Instagram, and I send mending yarns and needles to people all over the world. I am open to collaborations either in person or from afar.
Emei Ma has been a part-time artist since 2013. Trained initially in biochemistry and then in kinesiology, she uses art to introduce concepts in science. She has exhibited at the Dewsbury Museum (Dewsbury, UK), Nuit Blanche (Toronto, Canada), and the Art.Science.Gallery (Austin, Texas, USA). Her textile based installation depicting the repair of DNA is part of the Wellcome Collection (UK).

Emei has been active on Instagram since 2016. Her first page @workshop_emei is primarily about woodworking and spoon carving. In 2017, she started @mending.my.life, a page dedicated to clothes and sock mending. She shares visible mending ideas, tips, resources, and mending humour.
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Toronto, Canada
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