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Barley Massey
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Textile Lover, Upcyclist, Teacher, Crafter of Community & Founder/Care-Taker of 'Fabrications' maker space in Hackney, East London.
My personal focus is on the creative re-use of 'old' clothing into higher valued items and supporting others to value and change their perceptions and behaviours around consumption and waste. My practice is made up of a few strands:
- One off upcycled pieces -art/fashion/homeware available at my shop 'Fabrications'
- Special commissioning service "Remember Me" which celebrates the full circle of existence from birth to death in the form of transforming loved/loved ones clothing into new items. On more subtle layers, the service also contributes to a process of repairing and renewal as we experience different facets of love, loss, joy, grief, memory and meaning.
- Education - teaching hand and machine sewing skills to encourage others to repair/renew/restyle their own clothes.
- Facilitating with public events from community/local authority repair cafes to corporate workshops.
Hello! I am a child of the 70's raised in Snowdonia, North Wales on the side of a mountain, on a diet of DIY, grow your own food, make/repair/renovate and living in harmony with nature.
In the early 90's I came to London to study textiles at Goldsmith's and became enchanted by London life.
After graduating I went on to work in period costume for film & TV in a variety of roles from making from scratch, undertaking alterations, repairs, fittings and dressing artists on set.
In 2000 I took my own 'leap of faith' by opening a sustainable textile studio-shop-gallery space 'Fabrications' in a disused shop on Broadway Market, East London.
Fabrications has since grown into a buzzing, community hub, focussing on social textiles, up cycling, repair and keeping it circular in a variety of ways from the products available in the shop, my own designs/commissioned work through to passing on skills to encourage others.
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