Gijsje van Bakel


Gijsje van Bakel
Hand mending
I started mending January 2022. I am not buying any clothes anymore instead of that I repair them.
I started the project Comfortblanket for our planet in oktober 2020 out of concern about the climate crisis we are in. My goal with the blanket was to go to the COP26 and show the world leaders that it is time for action NOW. And I succeed in that.
After a year of sewing everything together the Comfortblanket contained 2866 patches made by people over 22 countries spread over 4 continents.
I received an invitation from Frans Timmermans from the European Union to exhibit the Comfortblanket at the COP26! I travelled by bike from Newcastle upon tweed towards Glasgow with the blanket in a little trolley behind my bike.

My adventure of the Comfortblanket came to an end. Inspired by the power of this unique collaboration, the story of the blanket is now told by means of the new foundation Comfort Blanket for our Planet. The aim: to support sustainable projects across the world, where possible.

When I came back from Glasgow I decided not to buy any clothes anymore.
That's when I start to mend. I really love doing it.
Gijsje van Bakel
born June 1968
Graphic designer
Founder foundation Comfort blanket for our planet
Accepts commissions
City or Region
Eindhoven, the Netherlands
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