Anki Borja


Anki Borja
Hand mending
Visible mending. Artivism.
I mend for love, protesting the overconsumption of our times as well as to spread the joy and power of visible mending.
I am a part of the collective @zurciendoelplaneta and embroider for our travelling exposition Forest of Hope #bosquedeesperanza
At very early age I was given a bag of textile spill to play with. That sparked my interest for colors, shapes and textures. I thought the small pieces were just an amazing gift. I still think all discarded materials and things are wonderful and should be respected. So, I’m in an ongoing process to make do with what I have mending, swapping of just finding new homes for things – keeping stuff out of the landfill. To make something meaningful and useful of what is often considered trash is very satisfactory.
I find visible mending a powerful protest to the overconsumption of our times, to greedy and dirty businesses that exploit people and planet. The mending becomes a tool in so many ways to cope with our present times and it’s a great way to build community.
I’ve worked with yarn bombing, papier and cloth maché, making quilts and clothes. Visible mending by hand is what has really stuck with me. The power, freedom and joy in it – how easy it is once you start and how addictive it becomes.
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Bollstabruk, Ångermanland, Sweden
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