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Visible Mender & Embroidery Artist |Celebrating holes, rips and stains with style and humour
Open to commissions and collaborations. Keen to work with brands to deliver workshops that encourage building confidence, calm and creativity through hands sewing skills.
Hi, I’m Tessa AKA Tessathedresser, I live with my family in north London, and I’m part of a growing movement of creative professionals challenging a culture of over-production, over-consumption and throw-away trends in the fashion industry. I have chosen to do this through Visible Mending
My love of fashion started with my Mum. She was designing and making her own clothes by the age of 14 and made most of my clothes when I was growing up. I was brought up with an understanding of the time, the care, the materials required for making a piece of clothing and as a result valuing and caring for them properly. In my early teens I spent my weekends in jumble sales and charity shops looking for unique pieces of clothing to create my own looks and find quality items at a price I could afford. I love a one-of-a-kind find. If they were ripped, damaged or a weird fit, I would mend and alter them.
I love the challenge of bringing an item back to life, both from a creative and technical point of view. I am continually learning, and every mend adds to my skills and knowledge.
My ambition is to see brands embrace extended producer responsibilty and incorporate repair and re-use into their design process. I want repair to be accessible and affordable to all citizens. A process which I believe starts with one stitch and one hole at a time.
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