Iryna Kucher


Iryna Kucher
Design research on mending. Comparative study of amateur mending practices in Western (Danish) and post-Soviet (Ukrainian) contexts.
Most of the studies on clothing repair focused on mending barriers and why people do not mend. Iryna Kucher’s PhD study, however, seeks to broaden perspectives and understandings of user mending practices, not from the perspective of mending barriers but from one of clothing repair resources—those elements of mending practices that might enable self-repair. Therefore, this doctoral study aims to understand how people mend, what competences are utilised when mending practices are enacted and what contributes to successful repair. In view of this aim, Iryna designed a comparative research study involving a group of six participants from Denmark and Ukraine, which comprised wardrobe studies and participatory mending-making activities employing design research artefacts. The study revealed the complex of mending competences utilised when mending practices are enacted and the complexity of repair infrastructure constituted by mending education on different levels and the network of clothing repair services.
Iryna Kucher is an eco-social designer and design researcher currently finalizing her PhD on mending at Sustainability Lab at Design School Kolding in Denmark. She was born and raised in Ukraine, where mending has never ceased to be a relevant cultural practice. She learned to mend both at home and school since mending is still a part of school educational programs in the Ukrainian context. From 2019 she researches mending practices and teaches interdisciplinary MA and BA courses in sustainability. Her work was included in the permanent observatory of industrial design and design research (ADI) collection and was exhibited internationally.
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