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Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald
Hand mending
Repair artist | Modern Mending author | mending instructor | shop owner at
I'm Australia’s leading clothes-mending practitioner. I'm best known for creative, visible mending, and my work has been displayed in art exhibitions.

I practise invisible mending, too, but not usually for clients, as it's less fun for me. :)

I began my career in journalism at 15 and over two decades worked as an editor, writer, and photographer. After leaving journalism I founded Bright Sparks, a social enterprise that repaired and reused electrical appliances to keep them out of landfill. You can read about that project at

A sewist and mender since the 1980s, I began running community mending events in 2009 and teaching clothes-mending workshops in 2013. I now teach online workshops to menders around the world.

My book Modern Mending was first published in 2020 and is in its third printing.

I'm a dual citizen (U.S./Australia) and have been in Australia for over 20 years. Since becoming a mom/mum in 2021, I focus my kid-free time on running my online shop,, and battling the constant clothing holes and stains that small people create.
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Melbourne, Australia
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