Andrea Still


Andrea Still
Hand mending
I am a sewist and designer. I have 25 years of sewing experience, and have been the sole proprietor of Whatever Works for 11 years.
The state of the environment is a concern for me. I realize that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet. We need to find a new way of creating desirable fashion without such detrimental results. I want to ensure that my daughter and her generation have a healthy planet to inherit. With this goal in mind I incorporate as much reused and sustainable materials as possible into my creations. Many of my raw materials and other supplies come from thrift stores and yard sales. Sustainability and style are not mutually exclusive terms, and being green doesn’t mean dressing in drab. I will fix anything made of any fabric. I've altered and repaired pants, skirts, dresses, dress shirts, formal gowns, informal gowns, parasols, boat Biminis, tote bags, cashmere sweaters, acrylic sweaters, silk blouses, vintage nighties, Edwardian underwear, corsets, brassieres, petticoats, gloves, socks, backpacks, bike saddlebags, cravats, knickerbockers, stage costumes, wedding dresses, stage backdrops, long johns, boots, shoes, fanny packs, belts, hats, leather jackets, coats and overcoats. I can do alterations, draft patterns, embroider, crochet, knit, darn and dye. Do you love the fit of your favorite shirt, but it's getting threadbare? I can repair the wear, and copy the pattern of the existing garment. Giving new life to old things is a constant source of joy.
I am a perfectionist and compulsive crafter. I love making things and I'm obsessed with clothes. I'm happiest when my hands are moving, whether crocheting gloves, darning socks or sewing. I learned to crochet from my babysitter and my crafty impulses just took off from there. A friend took me to a Renaissance faire and introduced me to the fascinating world of historical costume. This was my impetus to learn to sew with a machine. Not a period technique, but so much faster. While in college I took theater courses and learned about pattern drafting and experimented with dyeing. I started seriously sewing because mass-produced clothes never fit right. Then friends saw what I'd done and asked me to alter their clothes. That was the beginning of Whatever Works.
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