Lisa Hutchinson


Lisa Hutchinson
Machine mending
I offer visible mending, invisible repairs, darning, reweaving and knit fixes, saving ANYTHING from the landfill!
Top Stitch provides a full range of clothing repair and mending services to keep clothes out of the landfill and keep family heirlooms in circulation. I’m always thinking of the original garment worker and hoping to pay tribute to them, one stitch at a time. Fabric cuttings created along the way are reused in the repair process and leftover scraps are woven into wall hangings as I strive for the lowest environmental impact in any task. In addition to fixing clothes, Top Stitch offers sewing classes, to reintroduce a seamingly lost craft that will encourage people to repair for themselves and their community. Just remember, all good things must come to a mend! I want to keep things in circulation as long as possible, lightening the environmental load of mass production. This is a judgement free stitchery, sew don’t hesitate to reach out!
Lisa has been sewing for over 27 years thanks to her bomba (mom), who was a home ec teacher. It all began with her love of vintage clothing at age 11: restoring, recreating and making bellbottoms to wear to school. She re-uses and upcycles as many materials as possible in her fiber art and design projects. In addition to providing one-on-one and group sewing lessons, Lisa also offers mending services full time through TOP STITCH, her zero-waste clothing repair business. All scrap material and parts are used for future repairs, creative projects, and collaborations with other artists/makers. Lisa's goal is to create community connections with threads of intention and environmental activism!
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Richmond, VA
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