Application Form for Images

This is a form for submitting an image to be marked on the VMDH mending map in the category "Project". Use this form if the image itself is the item in question. If accepted, the listing will consist of a geolocation pin linked to an individual information page, plus a browsable listing with thumbnail image and brief description. Please fill out as many fields as you can; Items with an asterisk are required

Your personal details are only required for administration and communication. They will not appear on the site

Please provide a link to more information about this image; this should be its institution if it belongs to a collection. Add social media link if desired

Please provide as much identifying information as you can about the image and its location and/or ownership

If you do not know the current or former location of this image, mark its place of creation, domicile of its maker, last known address, or any place that makes sense.