Application Form for Menders

This is an application form for an individual to be marked on the map in the category "person". The Directory of Menders includes those who teach or take commissions, and people who repair objects of any kind, in any place on earth. A listing consists of a geolocation pin linked to an individual page with information, images, a website URL and social media link, if desired. Each entry also generates a browsable listing with title, short description, and thumbnail image.  Please fill out as many fields as you can; Items with an asterisk are required.

Add your name as you want it to appear. Add pronouns if you wish

Your personal details in this section are for administration and communication only and will not be made public or used for any other purpose. 

Link to further information about you and your work, such as your own website, an academic institution, gallery, museum, marketplace, or community site. The landing page you select should have clear messaging about ways to contact you, if this is desirable.

Brief description of your work. This appears in the listing

Add more information about your work. This appears on your personal page along with the images uploaded below. You might provide details about any public service or interactive element, for example, whether you accept commissions, are open to collaboration, have a market stall, or teach classes.


Add representative images of your work. One is required; select up to six, which will appear on your page. The first is also the thumbnail for the listing on the 'browse' pages, and should be representative of you and your work: note that the file title will appear on the map marker, so please (re)name it with that in mind.

Use 'search' to type your address and create the pin. If you do not wish your address to be searchable, select a nearby public building such as a library, community center, gallery, associated educational establishment, market, or park. If the map does not move at first, start with the more general area, then zoom in. Do not fill out the "Enter a Marker Label" field; it populates automatically.

Images above, left to right: Detail of mender at Bard Graduate Center mend group, July 2022; Conservators at the Mobilier National work on The Entry of Alexander into Babylon, a 1665 tapestry made by the Gobelins Manufactory, Paris, owned by the Getty Museum; Leroy Graves, collections conservator, sews upholstery for an easy chair at Colonial Williamsburg on May 4, 2018. Photograph Kristen Zeis; Kate Sekules demonstrates darning at Bard Graduate Center mend group, July 2022; a Fundi Simu mobile phone repair worker at Kariakoo market, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, photo Iago Bojczuk, MIT Global Media Technologies and Cultures Lab;  Car Repair, Havana Parking Lot, detail, photo Tommy Crow, Anne Hunter Galleries; Jessica Marquez mending denims with sashiko stitching, courtesy Jessica Marquez