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What is a mending Project?

This question lies at the core of the VMDH project, and the category is voluminous. Any single article that is mended, repaired, or conserved is a mending project, as are collections of them on display in institutions, or in private hands. Images associated with mending, whether artworks or documentary photographs, are projects, as is art of any other genre, from installation to performance—possibly cross referenced with the maker, under "Person." Groups and organizations, such as right to repair lobbyists, repair cafés, or mending circles are also projects.

One major mission of the VMDH is to collate and encourage academic work, including written research, symposia, collaborations, and works in progress: all projects. Also filed under 'project' are historical entities such as archeological digs, or narratives from the recent or distant past associated with a particular location. Big business listings are outside the VMDH remit, but smaller manufacturers, such as suppliers of museum conservation items or recycled fabrics certainly count as mending projects. Please suggest any others you find missing!

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Images above, left to right: Alb, Benedictine convent of Engelberg Switzerland, after 1300, white linen, with linen and silk embroidery, patch of woven silk lampas border, Italy, 14th century, Museum Schnütgen, Cologne; plain sewing samples, Norfolk Museums Collections; Louise Bourgeois, Lady in Waiting, 2003, detail. The Easton Foundation; embroidered, mended jeans, 1969, Museum at FIT, New York; "Right to Repair" logo;  Kintsugi cobalt blue large vase, limited edition of 36, Sarkis, Limoges, Bernardaud, Reference 1834 / 22985;  Boro kimono, meiji era, courtesy Dane Owen, Shibui Japanese Antiques and Furniture.