A World Map of Mending

This mend mapping project, incorporating the Directory of Menders, situates repair projects of all kinds on a worldwide map accessible to anyone with internet. It aims to (re)define and promote mending and repair for a broken planet.  We invite you to browse, and submit details of mending work to appear here.      Read more about mending

Latest Entries

  • Kate Sekules

    Engaged in constructing the hitherto invisible history and theory of mending.
  • Lily Fulop

    I love colorful, visible mending, and mend to make my clothes last longer so I create less waste. I also mend as a statement against fast fashion and consumer culture. I'm a fan of many adjacent crafts (upcycling, quilting), and also make art and design.
  • Leanda Smith

    Handwork and machine visible artistic mending| Teacher
  • Charlotte Jenner

    Mending garments by hand with sewing and darning.
  • Mel Williams

    I do both machine- and hand-mending, and teaching mending courses in the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado. I'm a fiber artist and sculptor, and I also manage a natural dyes garden in Manitou Springs, CO.
  • Emei Ma @mending.my.life

    Artist/Maker/Mender. Excited to explore mending with others. Creator of Lego Emei.
  • Marsha Makes Mending Service

    Marsha mends clothing to give it new life.
  • Anja Lampert

    I run mending workshops and do a lot of hand mending myself; occasionally mending commissions.
  • Sarah M

    I especially love to do visible mending by hand.
  • Pat Rowan

    Lots of experience mending by hand and machine, I specialize in less noticeable mends but also love decorative visible mending.
  • Repair and Design Futures

    Repair, a humble act born of necessity, expresses resistance to the unmaking of our world and the environment. This exhibition investigated mending as material intervention, metaphor, and call to action.
  • Lisa Hutchinson

    I offer visible mending, invisible repairs, darning, reweaving and knit fixes, saving ANYTHING from the landfill!
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