A World Map of Mending

This mend mapping project, incorporating the Directory of Menders, situates repair projects of all kinds on a worldwide map accessible to anyone with internet. It aims to (re)define and promote mending and repair for a broken planet.  We invite you to browse, and submit details of mending work to appear here.      Read more about mending

Latest Entries

  • juicebox workshop

    Nature-inspired art, wearables, and mends created out of repurposed textiles.
  • Katrine Stålstrøm

    Visible mending, mostly handstitching. Textile art and altering clothing
  • Revival Works

    Revival Works allows you to engage with slow fashion and to "love your clothes longer". I use visible mending techniques to repair the clothes you love. We often throw perfectly good garments away because they have holes, tears, rips, or permanent marks on them. More often than not they can be easily reinforced and repaired, or marks disguised. This applies to both woollen and woven fabrics.
  • Frayed Threads Mending

    Sustainability focused textile mending, repair and refashioning.
  • Amy

    I mend clothes to save from landfill and can teach you how to mend yours. I specialise in stretch fabrics such as leggings, but can mend any garment or socks.
  • Kate Stuart - The Phoenix Green

    I visibly mend all manner of textiles, using reclaimed materials. I am the author of "Mending Clothes as an Act of Rebellion". Keeping much loved textiles in use through repair is a key part of my creative work.
  • Suzie Ellis

    Visible mending, patches, altered clothing, hand stitching.
  • Debbie Murphy

    Vintage Clothing Restoration & Reworked Design
  • Artedofio

    My purpose is to save clothes from the landfill. I accomplish this by visible mending and upcycling fabric to create new clothes in an artistic way.
  • Bee Murphy

    I’m a visible mender who leans heavily into embroidery
  • SewShimo

    my mending projects from over the years.
  • sengshiko

    sashiko visible mending, design, and machine darning services
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