A world of mending

The VMDH project is crowd sourced and noncommercial. In order to populate the map of mending around the world, we are depending on your contributions. If you personally are not a mender, artist, or academic who wishes to appear, there is plenty you can add to the map: any place, person, group, organization, or project with a website, or a store, virtual or real, or any mending-related resource in the public domain has a place here.  See below for more detail on what or whom to add to the map. And thank you for joining in!


All points on the map are divided into two categories: Person and Project


This refers to an individual. It may be someone who mends or repairs pre-made materials, a scholar, researcher, curator, conservator, or someone who identifies as an artist. One major reason for launching the map is to provide a directory of clothing menders. Professional mending is an exponentially growing field that lacks an outlet other than social media. This platform seeks to unite mender and mendee to help reduce overconsumption, while creating job opportunities, and spreading the mending tendency.          Application for Person


This denotes a single item, a body of work, a collection, or venture. It covers academic work, including written research, symposia, collaborations, and archeological digs, as well as narratives from the recent or distant past associated with a particular location. Articles that have been mended, repaired, or conserved, artworks, exhibitions and museums, performance works, groups and associations such as repair cafés or districts, activists, and mending circles, are all projects.              Application for Project